Jack Walters


Jack is a final year history student at University College, London. The Essex-born politico has experience in conducting electoral research used by The Daily Telegraph and written for online publications including The 1828 Journal, The Mallard on HS2 and the Tory leadership race, Wolves of Westminster and his student paper, Pi Media. The ardent Brexiteer, who spent part of his first year as an intern at Leave Means Leave, became a contributor for Brexit Central and advocated for all Leavers to back Boris last December. Since Britain’s departure from the EU, Jack interned at the TaxPayers’ Alliance and has helped a grassroots organisation supporting the Scotland’s position in the Union. Nonetheless, he still feels passionately about Anglo-European relations and has subsequently written for Global Vision about UK-EU trade negotiations.

Find my Twitter: @JTWalters99

Jack Logan

Co-founder of the Gower Street Journal

Jack is a final year history student at University College, London and Co-Founder of the Gower Street Journal. He also works part time as a Parliamentary Researcher for Sir Oliver Heald MP. Jack has a firm interest in Early Modern English and Scottish History, with proposed dissertations on the topics of James I and the Union, and the Scottish Rebellion.

Outside of University and Work life, Jack has an interests in foreign affairs, international development and Education. He has written policy ideas that have been considered by MPs and senior Ministers in Government.

Find my Twitter: @JackLogan30

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