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Jack Walters


Jack is a final year history student at University College, London. The Essex-born politico has experience in conducting electoral research used by The Daily Telegraph and written for online publications including The 1828 Journal, The Mallard on HS2 and the Tory leadership race, Wolves of Westminster and his student paper, Pi Media. The ardent Brexiteer, who spent part of his first year as an intern at Leave Means Leave, became a contributor for Brexit Central and advocated for all Leavers to back Boris last December. Since Britain’s departure from the EU, Jack interned at the TaxPayers’ Alliance and has helped a grassroots organisation supporting the Scotland’s position in the Union. Nonetheless, he still feels passionately about Anglo-European relations and has subsequently written for Global Vision about UK-EU trade negotiations.

Find my Twitter: @JTWalters99

Edmund Carter

Deputy Editor

Edmund Carter is a final year history student at University College, London. He has particular interest in social and economic histories. His recent work has examined Pakistan’s political economy, the role of credible commitment in promoting economic growth, and the economic consequences of demographic growth in early modern Britain. Edmund has also published research on early modern medical texts.

Edmund has an interest in US politics, global macroeconomics and capital markets. He has experience in both legal and financial sectors. The aspiring lawyer was an active member in his school debating society and represented his school at the Bank of England’s Target 2.0 Competition in 2016.

Away from work, Edmund enjoys sea kayaking and travel. He recently returned from Saudi Arabia, where he was among the first few tourists to visit the Kingdom.

Find my Twitter: @EJC_GSJ

Emily Preston

Political Editor

Emily is a 19 year old, second year History student, originally from North London. She was politically mobilised by the debate in Britain about membership of the European Union and since moving to Nottingham for her undergraduate studies in the Autumn 2019 has taken a more active role in politics. Emily previously contributed to this website about the National Health Service and now feels very passionately about the future of centre-right politics in Britain and across the western world.

Find my Twitter: @emilypreston_1

Fioreta Istrefi

Business and Policy Editor

Fioerta is a third year student at Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo majoring in Economics and Management. Her interests and work remain heavily focused on social injustice, developing economics and intersectional feminism. Fioreta is currently Charity Club President at RITK and has experience in writing and publishing through being co-editor of her school newspaper and online magazine as well as editing and translating documents in Albanian and English.

Fioreta’s newfound area of interest is managerial and strategic consulting after successfully finishing a consulting skills bootcamp provided by previous consultant and telecommunications expert Dr Slim Saidi.

Find my Twitter: @FI_GSJ

Thomas Nurcombe

History Editor

Thomas is a final year History and Ancient History student at the University of Nottingham. His historical areas of interest include Alexander the Great, Augustan Rome, Napoleonic Europe and Contemporary America. As well as his historical interests, Thomas has a passion for international affairs and can be found to speak passionately about many of the issues facing the world today, from trade relations to terrorism.

Outside of his studies, Thomas will almost always have his head stuck in a book. These vary from political biographies on Harold Macmillan to French literature, including Honorè de Balzac. Thomas is also a keen sportsman. He plays Cricket, Rugby Union and Rugby League. You will often find Thomas spending his summer weekends at first slip for his village cricket club.

Find my Twitter: @TomNurcombe

Jack Logan

The Fundamental Axiom Editor

Jack is a final year history student at University College, London and Co-Founder of the Gower Street Journal. He also works part time as a Parliamentary Researcher for Sir Oliver Heald MP. Jack has a firm interest in Early Modern English and Scottish History, with proposed dissertations on the topics of James I and the Union, and the Scottish Rebellion.

Outside of University and Work life, Jack has an interests in foreign affairs, international development and Education. He has written policy ideas that have been considered by MPs and senior Ministers in Government.

Find my Twitter: @JackLogan30

James Stirling

The Benthamite Editor

James is a final year history student at University College, London. Historically, he is an avid medievalist with a particular focus on early English legal history, like the run up to Magna Carta, alongside more international phenomena, such as the early Crusades. Recently, James has undergone a newfound political awakening thanks to a general aversion to the toxic rise of cancel culture.

James also has a year’s experience volunteering within the National Health Service, along with scientific interests. These factors have contributed to an interest in the ways in which new technologies will change governmental policy and legislation in the foreseeable future.

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