Did the Brexit Party cost the Tories seats in England and Wales?

Introduction: In the aftermath of the Brexit Party’s triumphant victory in the 2019 European parliamentary elections, it was widely anticipated that Farage’s party would split the Leave vote in any future general elections. These concerns became even more apparent when the Eurosceptic parties failed to displace Labour in Peterborough or fend off the Liberal DemocratsContinue reading “Did the Brexit Party cost the Tories seats in England and Wales?”

Labour’s Betrayal

Gone of the days of the Labour Party defending the concerns of their constituents and delivering barnstorming speeches against membership of an undemocratic, fat cat club. The likes of Barbara Castle, Tony Benn and Peter Shore have been replaced by Keir Starmer, Tom Watson and Sadiq Khan. This is not the same party and the people of the heartlands will not settle with being betrayed. You promised in your 2017 manifesto to deliver Brexit, if you fail to do so stand aside and let the Brexit Party take your place. Labour you have been warned.