Stale Starmer is set to win the race to succeed Corbyn but can he win back the heartlands?

Last week the Liberal Democrats announced that they would postpone their leadership election, however, voting for the race to succeed Corbyn has closed and the result will be announced on Saturday…

YouGov poll places Keir Starmer as Corbyn’s successor

In weeks of Labour’s worst electoral defeat since 1935 pollsters are already predicting who will succeed Jeremy Corbyn in becoming leader of the opposition in March. However, YouGov have revealed that the front-runner and continuity-Corbyn candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey, is expected to lose emphatically to the shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer.

The Labour Party: A Future? What Future?

‘The Conservative landslide has not only changed the dynamics of Britain’s position in the world, but it has also left the future of the Labour Party lies on a knife-edge. The choice for Labour, however, is unclear and unpredictable. Whether the parliamentary Labour party and Labour party members back a Blairite or a Corbynista one could argue that neither have the credentials to reunite the loosely connected coalitions of voters, which were shockingly fragmented under the rise of Boris Johnson.’

The State of the Union: general election result shows that the demand for Welsh independence remains insignificant

After a great night for nationalists in Scotland and Northern Ireland, Jack Walters highlights that the so-called ‘Yes Cymru’ movement failed to make Welsh independence an important issue for the next decade of British politics.

Lincoln’s Brexit Party Candidate Withdraws in Another Setback for Farage

‘In the wake of four Brexit Party MEPs resigning from the party, the Brexit Party candidate, Reece Wilkes, pulls out of the election race in the tightly contested Labour-Conservative marginal of Lincoln, as concerns about Nigel Farage’s electoral strategy continue to grow.’

Exclusive Interview with a Brexit Party Hopeful

Jack Walters interviewed the youngest Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Wales, Cameron Edwards, and asked him what the Brexit Party will give the people of Newport West, what he thought of the defecting quartet and the Brexit Party’s chances of changing the political landscape.

The NHS: Britain’s Political Football and Labour’s Tool To Success Challenged

‘If you are concerned about the NHS services in this election then remember that the record of Labour is not too dissimilar to the Tories regarding privatisation, and their record in Wales is nothing to aspire for.’

Why I Will Be (Reluctantly) Voting Labour

Louis Dearmer, of Warwick University, implores readers to follow him in reluctantly voting for Labour.

It is only through electing ‘a majority Labour government will be able to bring together seemingly disparate sections of society and mobilise resources to the greater good of everyone in society.’

The 17.4 million must back Boris

Tonight I am answering Dominic Cummings’ call to promote Boris Johnson in his bid to re-enter Downing Steet. According to the PM’s adviser, and the brains of the Vote Leave campaign, ‘things are MUCH tighter than they seem and there is a very real possibility of a hung parliament. Without a majority, the nightmare continues. ALL other MPs will gang together to stop Brexit and give EU citizens the vote. It’s that simple.’

So here is my plea to the 17.4

Tonight’s Dire Debate Changes Nothing In The Race To Number 10

If you failed to watch tonights ITV debate, then you are not missing much. YouGov’s instant poll gave Boris a slender victory of 51% to 49%. However, undoubtedly, there was no clear winner. Boris proved to win with regard to likeability and prime ministerial material. Yet Corbyn resonates with Britons on trustworthiness and being in touch with ordinary people. That said that Boris did not make any notable mistakes and Corbyn’s failure to land sufficient punches on the Prime Minister, means that of the two the Tories will be slightly happier.