Did the Brexit Party cost the Tories seats in England and Wales?

Introduction: In the aftermath of the Brexit Party’s triumphant victory in the 2019 European parliamentary elections, it was widely anticipated that Farage’s party would split the Leave vote in any future general elections. These concerns became even more apparent when the Eurosceptic parties failed to displace Labour in Peterborough or fend off the Liberal DemocratsContinue reading “Did the Brexit Party cost the Tories seats in England and Wales?”

The State of the Union: Scotland – a victory for the Union?

Jack Walters concludes his analysis on the State of the Union with a trip to rainy Edinburgh. While in Scotland his dissection of the result exhibits that while the SNP have won this battle, Unionists will win the war.

Ulster’s Election 2019

‘Whatever happens in this general election, the people of Northern Ireland face a massive decision. A decision on Ulster’s position in the United Kingdom. A decision on a future border poll. And of course, a decision on British membership of the European Union.’

Turnout and Tactical Voting Could Cost Brexit

With the polls tightening, Jack Walters dissects the possible influence of tactical voting and turnout on this general election, and Brexit altogether.

Tonight’s Dire Debate Changes Nothing In The Race To Number 10

If you failed to watch tonights ITV debate, then you are not missing much. YouGov’s instant poll gave Boris a slender victory of 51% to 49%. However, undoubtedly, there was no clear winner. Boris proved to win with regard to likeability and prime ministerial material. Yet Corbyn resonates with Britons on trustworthiness and being in touch with ordinary people. That said that Boris did not make any notable mistakes and Corbyn’s failure to land sufficient punches on the Prime Minister, means that of the two the Tories will be slightly happier.

Brexit and the United Kingdom: Break-up or Make-up?

While nationalist campaigners continue to campaign for an imitation of independence, their constituents continue to reject it. The critical thing to remember is that Brexit is not going to break apart the Union. If anything by taking back control, it almost appears futile to hand it back to Brussels. Instead, the Union, for now, is safe in Wales and I hastily add in Scotland. Despite this, the greatest threat to the Union is on the island of Ireland.