The strange death of Labour England: The long story of why Labour lost the heartlands

In 2019, the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, romped to their largest victory since 1987. However, this was an incredibly surprising result based on historic electoral patterns. The Tories, for the fourth election in a row, were the United Kingdom’s largest party, but more importantly, the governing party increased their vote share for theContinue reading “The strange death of Labour England: The long story of why Labour lost the heartlands”

The Labour Party: A Future? What Future?

‘The Conservative landslide has not only changed the dynamics of Britain’s position in the world, but it has also left the future of the Labour Party lies on a knife-edge. The choice for Labour, however, is unclear and unpredictable. Whether the parliamentary Labour party and Labour party members back a Blairite or a Corbynista one could argue that neither have the credentials to reunite the loosely connected coalitions of voters, which were shockingly fragmented under the rise of Boris Johnson.’

Why I Will Be (Reluctantly) Voting Labour

Louis Dearmer, of Warwick University, implores readers to follow him in reluctantly voting for Labour.

It is only through electing ‘a majority Labour government will be able to bring together seemingly disparate sections of society and mobilise resources to the greater good of everyone in society.’