The ‘Lidl Free Marketeers’ must prevail against the ‘Waitrose’ Protectionists in the Tory party’s new civil war

Last Friday, Katy Balls, the deputy political editor of The Spectator magazine, highlighted that there is a growing divide emerging in the post-Brexit Conservative Party. However, this divide is not a rebirth or mutation of the party’s longstanding disunity on the issue of Britain’s membership of the European Union. This is a divide revolves around the potentialContinue reading “The ‘Lidl Free Marketeers’ must prevail against the ‘Waitrose’ Protectionists in the Tory party’s new civil war”

Stale Starmer is set to win the race to succeed Corbyn but can he win back the heartlands?

Last week the Liberal Democrats announced that they would postpone their leadership election, however, voting for the race to succeed Corbyn has closed and the result will be announced on Saturday…

The State of the Union: United Ireland or United Kingdom?

In the second piece of analysis on the future of the Union, Jack Walters looks at the possible difficulties in Northern Ireland where Unionists have lost their stranglehold in Westminster for the first time.

Ulster’s Election 2019

‘Whatever happens in this general election, the people of Northern Ireland face a massive decision. A decision on Ulster’s position in the United Kingdom. A decision on a future border poll. And of course, a decision on British membership of the European Union.’

Scotland Should Back The UK over the EU post-Brexit

Whatever the Scottish people decide in December will ultimately determine their future. If the 55% back the only Unionist Party left in Scotland then Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP will have to accept that the people of Scotland do not want a second referendum and wish to stay a part of the most successful political Union in human history. While there is no doubt that the Unionist vote will fragment between the traditional pro-Union parties, there is only one that can ensure that Scotland remains a respected and cherished member of the United Kingdom, and that is the party led by Boris Johnson. The chaos and division that would result by backing any other party in Scotland will put both the campaigning and aftermath of the 2014 and 2016 referendum to shame; we may never heal these wounds.