PM lays out ‘radical’ plans to ‘level-up’ and ‘unite’ the country in bid to spur on Britain’s economic recovery post-coronavirus

The Prime Minister took to the stage in Dudley to announce a bold plan to invest an additional £5 billion to kickstart Britain’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Johnson added that as a consequence of this investment ‘we will not just bounce back, we will bounce forward’ from the economic downturn that the pandemic has forced uponContinue reading “PM lays out ‘radical’ plans to ‘level-up’ and ‘unite’ the country in bid to spur on Britain’s economic recovery post-coronavirus”

YouGov poll places Keir Starmer as Corbyn’s successor

In weeks of Labour’s worst electoral defeat since 1935 pollsters are already predicting who will succeed Jeremy Corbyn in becoming leader of the opposition in March. However, YouGov have revealed that the front-runner and continuity-Corbyn candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey, is expected to lose emphatically to the shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer.

Turnout and Tactical Voting Could Cost Brexit

With the polls tightening, Jack Walters dissects the possible influence of tactical voting and turnout on this general election, and Brexit altogether.

The 17.4 million must back Boris

Tonight I am answering Dominic Cummings’ call to promote Boris Johnson in his bid to re-enter Downing Steet. According to the PM’s adviser, and the brains of the Vote Leave campaign, ‘things are MUCH tighter than they seem and there is a very real possibility of a hung parliament. Without a majority, the nightmare continues. ALL other MPs will gang together to stop Brexit and give EU citizens the vote. It’s that simple.’

So here is my plea to the 17.4

Essex Backs Boris – What Does Johnson As PM Mean For Our Brexit-Backing County?

By delivering Brexit Boris Johnson could be remembered with great fondness by the people of Essex, just as Margaret Thatcher did. Nonetheless, failing to do so would mean that the Tories have darker days to come.