The Emperor needs some clothes: We should head to the shops

Britons are entering their sixth week in lockdown, with only the publication of a vague exit strategy to look forward to. Almost inevitably this plan will not provide a clear timeline and will instead rephrase the Government’s existing mantra of data dependence. This approach, with its focus on ‘seeing’ all available information, features a paradoxicalContinue reading “The Emperor needs some clothes: We should head to the shops”

The Labour Party: A Future? What Future?

‘The Conservative landslide has not only changed the dynamics of Britain’s position in the world, but it has also left the future of the Labour Party lies on a knife-edge. The choice for Labour, however, is unclear and unpredictable. Whether the parliamentary Labour party and Labour party members back a Blairite or a Corbynista one could argue that neither have the credentials to reunite the loosely connected coalitions of voters, which were shockingly fragmented under the rise of Boris Johnson.’