Disadvantaged young people are being left behind. Vocational and technical qualifications can help.

Education helps young people discover their talents, develop resilience and realise their potential. Unfortunately for some young people, our incumbent education system prevents them from doing so. Disadvantaged young people face the biggest educational challenges, particularly when they qualify for free school meals (FSM) and/or have special educational needs (SEN). The more disadvantaged a young person is, the greater the negative impact on Key Stage 4 (KS4) attainment is likely to be. 

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The Second Ballot and a Second Chaotic TV Debate

Of the six candidates who entered the ballot tonight, only five are left standing. The survivors were Johnson who took 126 Tory MPs (up 12), Hunt on 46 (up 5), Gove on 41 (up 4), Stewart on 37 (up 18) and Javid scrapping through on 33 (up 10). Dominic Raab failed to beat the 33 required votes and only gained 3 votes since the first ballot.

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With BoJo Miles Ahead Who Will Drop Out Tonight? – Predictions

Tonight, we expect to see Boris extend his lead over his rivals in the second ballot of the Tory Party leadership race. With a previous total of 114 expected to grow he is head and shoulders above his counterparts and recent YouGov polling has seen his popularity among Conservative members and Leave-voters dwarfing the others. Tonight’s result is less about who will win the race, but who will lose. Whilst Gove and Hunt appear to be safe from the chop, Raab, Javid and Stewart will be having a nail biting few hours trying to ensure their man can participate in the BBC debate tonight.

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Labour’s Betrayal

This morning, Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, did everything in his power to alienate to 4,000,000 Labour voters who also voted for Britain to Leave the European Union. Europe has been covered as a major issue to causing civil war in the Conservative Party, but all is not well in the Labour ranks. Watson’s comments that Labour’s ‘hearts are Remain’ ignore the concerns of constituents in the two-thirds of their seats that voted for Brexit. The disconnect between the Labour Heartlands and the so-called ‘People’s Vote’ wing of the Labour Party will have serious ramifications for the potential success of the party in what seems like an imminent General Election.

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The Tory Battle Royale – Channel 4 TV Debate.

‘This is a phantom motion about a phantom bill’ chunters Sir Bill Cash from the back benches in the House of Commons last week. His description is attributed to Sir Oliver Letwin and Co’s attempts to prevent no deal from happening. Has Boris been embodying his supporter’s comments? He certainly was a phantom at the channel 4 debate on Sunday night and in fact perhaps a beneficiary. Silence is golden some might say and with his leave of absence from the Tory Battle Royale he was able to watch on from a distance as those clawing to reach the 32 vote threshold, and meet him in the final, went at one another. 

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A Conservative and Brexit Party Pact is Needed to Prevent Corbyn and Save Brexit

In the middle of the Conservative leadership contest, one thing appears inevitable; a general election is on the horizon. Whether this is through a vote of no confidence or through the next leader calling an election to break the impasse, it is looming, and Brexiteers must be ready to campaign and to win.

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The Brexit Party, Peterborough and Two-Party Politics

A week is a long time in politics, and never has this been more accurate than in the week since the Peterborough by-election. In the morning that the result was announced Remainers were first to pounce on it as a disaster for Nigel Farage and for Brexit itself.

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Outstanding schools are exempt from inspection.

By law, primary and secondary schools receiving an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted become exempt from further routine inspections. This absence of regular inspection can seriously cloud parents and management’s confidence that their schools meet the outstanding grade. This can have a seriously damaging effect, particularly on parents, when it comes to picking the best school for their child. 

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Scaled back T-Levels at key stage 4 could be beneficial for students.

T-Levels explicitly set out to equip young people with the knowledge and skills required to enter skilled employment. At the 14-16 year period the lower percentile of students who are disaffected by formal education need an alternative route/pathway to level 3 qualifications and the access to quality skilled employment. 

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