Ben Palmer:

The Warwick PAIS undergraduate completed our general election series with a plea to the British people to back the Liberal Democrats.

James MacGregor Palmer:

James graduated Newcastle University in 2019 with a BA in Music with Politics and is currently completing a master’s in International Journalism at the University of Stirling. The English-born separatist has been an SNP member since 2016 and during his time at Stirling became the Communications Officer of University of Stirling Students for Independence.  A green socialist, Palmer has written extensively on the negative effects of economic growth and the need for a steady state economy.

Oliver Gille:

Joshua McCarthy:

The first contribution from the other side of the River Severn comes from Joshua, a supporter of Welsh independence. He added to our election series on why the Welsh people should back Plaid Cymru.

Rajiv Sinha:

The co-president of UCL Young Greens’ contributed to The Gower Street Journal in our general election series. Rajiv argued that the election last December needed “Tactics, Pragmatism and Change“.