The Conservatives must use the next five years to become the party of law and order again

Jack Walters argues that for Boris Johnson to truly impose himself on British political history he must regenerate the Conservatives as the party of law and order.

Disadvantaged young people are being left behind. Vocational and technical qualifications can help.

Education helps young people discover their talents, develop resilience and realise their potential. Unfortunately for some young people, our incumbent education system prevents them from doing so. Disadvantaged young people face the biggest educational challenges, particularly when they qualify for free school meals (FSM) and/or have special educational needs (SEN). The more disadvantaged a youngContinue reading “Disadvantaged young people are being left behind. Vocational and technical qualifications can help.”

Outstanding schools are exempt from inspection.

By law, primary and secondary schools receiving an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted become exempt from further routine inspections. This absence of regular inspection can seriously cloud parents and management’s confidence that their schools meet the outstanding grade. This can have a seriously damaging effect, particularly on parents, when it comes to picking the best schoolContinue reading “Outstanding schools are exempt from inspection.”

Scaled back T-Levels at key stage 4 could be beneficial for students.

T-Levels explicitly set out to equip young people with the knowledge and skills required to enter skilled employment. At the 14-16 year period the lower percentile of students who are disaffected by formal education need an alternative route/pathway to level 3 qualifications and the access to quality skilled employment.