With BoJo Miles Ahead Who Will Drop Out Tonight? – Predictions

What is clear is that Boris, who was assumed to be rather unpopular withMPs, is storming ahead. No matter what the result is of tonight’s ballot it is unlikely that a clear runner-up will be established. The weakest in the pack will drop off and it will be interesting who they will back in the coming days.

Labour’s Betrayal

Gone of the days of the Labour Party defending the concerns of their constituents and delivering barnstorming speeches against membership of an undemocratic, fat cat club. The likes of Barbara Castle, Tony Benn and Peter Shore have been replaced by Keir Starmer, Tom Watson and Sadiq Khan. This is not the same party and the people of the heartlands will not settle with being betrayed. You promised in your 2017 manifesto to deliver Brexit, if you fail to do so stand aside and let the Brexit Party take your place. Labour you have been warned.

A Conservative and Brexit Party Pact is Needed to Prevent Corbyn and Save Brexit

The last four consecutive YouGov polls have placed the Brexit Party as the largest party; however, because of the first-past-the-post system, this may not see the Brexit Party govern Britain. To ensure that the referendum result is implemented and to prevent Corbyn crippling the country, the two parties must think big and form a pact. The two parties can look to Peterborough to see their vote enabling Labour to succeed, and a potential by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire may prove to be even more damaging. The rural Welsh seat may see the Liberal Democrats sneak to victory with the Tories and Brexit Party in a nail-biting second and third. A failure to create an alliance would lead to greater instability in our economy and our Union with the likely result being a Labour minority government propped up by the Scottish National Party. This could see the results of two referendums overturned; creating more considerable anger and resentment among the 17.4 million.

The Brexit Party, Peterborough and Two-Party Politics

Peterborough should also serve as a huge warning sign to the Tories and Labour. The Brexit Party claimed that Peterborough was 201st on their target list and on the basis of Dr Hanretty’s estimates on how constituencies voted in the referendum of 2016 and the EU Election of 2019 Peterborough ranks 131st in Leave-voting seats and 267th in backing the Brexit Party this May. This was no Clacton, this was not even a Rochester and Strood.