The Gower Street Journal, formerly called The J-Word, was created in June 2019 by two university students at University College, London. The blog was intended as a platform for passionate and politically engaged university students to voice their concerns and opinions on an array of policy ideas from diverse political viewpoints. Since then the blog has reported news and even interviewed prospective parliamentary candidates in the last general election campaign.

In the summer of 2020, it was decided that the blog needed to take a different path. It changed its name and the team behind the blog grew. This new group began to invest time in redesigning the website and professionalising the service it would provide. The reason behind the expansion was to create editorial posts on a number of different topics reported in the blog. This will, hopefully, increase The Gower Street Journal’s readership and the participation by other politically-engaged students.


Our page and 77 articles have reached almost 1,200 visitors and have totalled 4,000 views. These figures stretches across 30 countries, and 5 continents.

Our writers have used the GSJ as a springboard to write for other publications, like BrexitCentral, Global Vision, and student papers.

We are looking to give aspiring writers the opportunity to write on topics that interest them and from different perspectives.

Let’s build something together.