The 17.4 million must back Boris

Tonight, I am answering Dominic Cummings’ call to promote Boris Johnson in his bid to re-enter Downing Street. According to the PM’s adviser, and the brains of the Vote Leave campaign, ‘things are MUCH tighter than they seem and there is a very real possibility of a hung parliament. Without a majority, the nightmare continues. ALL other MPs will gang together to stop Brexit and give EU citizens the vote. It’s that simple.’

So here is my plea to the 17.4 million.

This election is our second referendum, and, in much respect, the 12th of December could prove a more significant moment in British political history than that beautiful day in June 2016. If the Conservative Party fail to win a majority in 15-day’s time, then Corbyn will enter Downing Street, propped up by the Scottish Nationalist Party. This will kill off Brexit and seriously threaten the public faith in democracy, but possibly more importantly, it will threaten to plunge our economy into chaos and potentially cause the United Kingdom to split. With that in mind, YOU must VOTE CONSERVATIVE on the 12th of December.

For those who will persist in backing the Brexit Party because they see the Withdrawal Agreement as “BRINO”, you need to think again. Boris Johnson’s deal is by no means perfect, but I agree with many of Brexiteers, in that it is a tolerable deal. His agreement has not only converted voters, hence an upturn in polling, or the so-called ‘Boris Bounce’, but it has also won over prominent Brexiteers, who were opposed to the vassalage that Theresa May’s agreement ensured. Along the Conservative benches, the hardline ERG members, notably Essex MPs, Mark Francois and John Baron, are now supportive as are other Brexiteers outside of the Commons, like Arron Banks, Lord Trimble and Martin Howe QC. Outside of politics, both the Scottish Farmers’ and Fisherman’s unions endorsed the Johnson agreement. Importantly, even Nigel Farage has taken a U-turn on the issue, as the assurances by Boris, given via video, proved enough for the Brexit Party to stand down in the 317-constituencies that Theresa May proved successful in, in 2017.

But what in Johnson’s withdrawal agreement makes it so different to Mrs May’s? Most importantly, Boris Johnson deal has removed the concerns over the Northern Irish backstop protocol that had scope to trap the United Kingdom in the customs union indefinitely. His critics doubted that he could even do this, but more importantly, his deal keeps no deal on the table as a negotiating tool, by outlining that the transition period will only last 12-months, and ensures that the EU-UK relationship, post-Brexit benefits the British people. The political declaration now sets out a move away from close alignment to an aspiration for a Free Trade Agreement. In its entirety, the new Withdrawal Agreement, allows the United Kingdom to take back control of its money, laws and borders and Brexiteers must accept that Boris’ work to get this new deal, against the odds and the clock, is one of the most excellent examples of statesmanship in my lifetime.

Nonetheless, it is more than just Brexit, where Boris Johnson will benefit the British people. The Conservatives are cutting taxes for hard working-Britons by upping the threshold for National Insurance contributions. They will protect our streets by increasing the number of police officers, and by supporting them through strengthening their powers, like stop and search. But they will also increase funding in the NHS and will NOT sell it off. The documents produced by Jeremy Corbyn today are nothing more than Project Fear. The part he cites for the NHS is on the negotiating table is well paraphrased, for he misses out some essential points. The document makes clear it is at the discretion of the British what is on the table. Nor have the British requested for the NHS to be kept on the table, as Corbyn states. The conversation in question revolves around the ‘liberalisation’ of services and not the NHS. Because of this the reasons why people should vote Conservative are extensive and cross the Leave-Remain line.

Just 67-seats will win or lose the General Election of 2019. 67-seats where the Tories are chasing Corbyn, with a swing of 5% or less needed. If the Conservatives lose by just a few-hundred vote across these constituencies, the blame will lie at the feet of the Brexit Party. The Brexit Party WILL NOT win a single seat in this election. That is not just my opinion, but the opinion of top polling experts, like John Curtice. But the Brexit Party will also take more votes away from the Tories, than Labour. Matthew Goodwin argues that this will see the Brexit Party steal more votes from Boris than Corbyn, at a ratio of around 3:1.

For those thinking that the Tories have no chance in your constituency, then look out for The Times at 22:00. Rumours are circulating that their YouGov model will show the Tories have cut majorities of over 20%, like in Redcar, to marginals. Moreover, Brexit is changing the political landscape of the United Kingdom forever. A few weeks ago, I asked Lord Howard about his, and my father’s hometown of Llanelli, in Carmarthenshire. We agreed that Brexit may kickstart radical changes and could cut the majority of the scarlet-town that has backed Labour in every election since 1922. From polling and people, I have heard, in former Labour safe-seats, something is changing. Even in an exchange, I had with a taxi driver on my way home. The taxi driver told me that, despite never voting Tory before, he would be in December because he wants to ‘Get Brexit Done’. It is reaching these voters that Boris must do, and I am beginning it could be successful. If they are reciting the same slogans as the party, then Boris must be doing something right. In iNews that interviewed several ex-miners, in Dennis Skinner’s Derbyshire seat of Bolsover, who want to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the EU and will, therefore, be voting for Boris Johnson on the 12th of December.

Boris Johnson, like Margaret Thatcher, who won over the Essex man, and Benjamin Disraeli in his success with ‘Beer and Britannia’ voters is broadening the Conservative voter base and what it means to be a ‘Tory’. It is without a doubt that this closely aligned to Brexit. But let us not overlook how successful Boris was as London mayor. He, against the odds, was elected for two successive terms in City Hall and I firmly believe that he can do this to the country. This is not a promise that Boris Johnson will win all of the socialist strongholds, but there is evidence that he can be successful in redrawing the map and they can smash through the red wall across the Leave-voting Labour heartlands.

Fortunately, like Thatcher’s in the right-to-buy scheme, and Disraeli increasing the franchise, Boris has popular policies that extend beyond the left-right divide that has engulfed British politics. Whether that is the support for the police in increasing stop and search powers or implementing the popular, Australian-style points-based system, these all appear policies that are bound to excite the Tories target voter or the so-called ‘Workington Man’. Besides, Boris’ One Nation credentials have emerged with pledges to increase spending on the NHS at the expense of additional tax breaks for corporations. Thus, if you want to get Brexit done, yet you have not voted for the Conservatives before, then Boris’ domestic sensible and pragmatic agenda should also excite you.

For those taking the risk of not backing Boris, there is a fear that this is only going to increase the chances of Corbyn entering Downing Street. Is this a risk worth taking? Is increasing the tax burden by £2,400 a risk worth taking? Is ramping up corporation tax to the highest in Europe a risk worth taking? Is bankrupting small businesses with unrealistic pledges to increase the minimum wage a risk worth taking? Corbyn’s £1.2 trillion, train wreck economic plans are not worth it! The tax burden will hit every household in the United Kingdom. Including those on £14,000 having to pay an extra £400 in tax. Clueless Corbyn was unaware of how to fund these pledges, or how much the wealth-creators contribute to the public purse. Corbyn’s economic illiteracy too threatens to future of the United Kingdom. If you think that throwing money at services will solve them then look no further than Labour-controlled Wales, or Scotland, where the SNP have power in Holyrood; where the NHS and education services are far worse than that of their English counterparts, with waiting times up, and grades down.

Corbyn is not just a threat to the nation based on fiscal policies. His current neglect in protecting British Jews by allowing antisemitism to run rife in his party and his association with the enemies of the British people mean that Corbyn is unfit for office. Many of his former colleagues are advising their constituents to back Boris whether that is Ian Austin, John Woodcock, or Tom Harris. Why should somebody who cannot apologise for his failure to stamp out antisemitism be considered fit to govern? And why should somebody who Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, described as a ‘danger to our country’, be acceptable to the British people?

But it will not just be Labour. It will be a minority Labour government, where the SNP are kingmakers. Scotland voiced its support for the Union, in a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity in 2014. Scotland does not want another say and holding two referendums in 2021 will just delay us sorting out the other issues facing our country. But more so, it will be rigged. Labour and others will seek to introduce voting for 16-years olds and granting EU nationals the right to vote in a referendum between Remain vs Remain. We will become a laughing stock and the only way to move on is to get Brexit done and back Boris Johnson.

Get down to your polling stations on Thursday the 12th of December and put a cross in the Conservative box. But until then share this message. Tell Eurosceptics that they must make their voice heard one more time and let them know they only party that can represent them is the Conservative Party. A final concern is that Leavers will not vote as much as Remainers. In 2016, the referendum was won because of the voters who never voted before. I know they will feel that they have been ignored, but please, just vote one more time. Part of the reason why the EU elections were not as emphatic in support for the Brexit Party is that turnout among Leavers was down 6%, whereas with Remainers it was up by almost a dozen. We cannot let this opportunity slip. Please vote!

Fellow Brexiteers, this is it. Independence is within our grasp. Our choice is clear. Vote Conservative. Many of you, from the four-million Labour Leavers, will never have done this before. But hold your nose and do it. Otherwise, our country faces a scary threat. If we wake up on the 13th of December without a Conservative majority, then Corbyn will plod into Number 10, in the pocket of Sturgeon. This chaotic coalition will continue to paralyse the British body politic, and as a result, there will be no Brexit, no United Kingdom, no economic prosperity and no faith left in the democratic process.

With this in mind, please vote Conservative on the 12th of December.

By J Walters

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